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hello ,
Well i know statistically speaking people will never say that an eating disorder is a suicide attempt but why not cause after 8 years with this disorder i can only think of that reaosn for me to keep on holding on for the moment that this disease will finally take my life and for me to feel i accomplished somehting on this planet i was able to accomplish being anorexic sounds stupid but is it not possible !!!???



I confess I really don't know very much about anorexia and eating disorders, so after reading your post, I found this information resource, published by the National Institutes of Mental Health.

According to what I read, anorexia does not appear to be motivated by a wish to die.

Have you ever sought treatment for your disorder?
i have been hospitalised 6 times in the past 4 years for this disorder and i spoke to my dr about the possibility of just losing hoppe and wanting to end the suffering and maybe using the e-d to do so .. he told me that the discouragment after many years of living with the disorder grows with the time spent in it and that it is just the loss of hope to get well that makes me feel so depressed and also the fact that i am not eating correctly but i feel that suicide has always fallowed me through this disorder as if i knew no matter what if i didn't feel better one day well at least the alternative was ending the pain one way or another.
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