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Each year, over 31,000 Americans die by suicide and over 1.4 million make a suicide attempt. Suicide deaths consistently outnumber homicide deaths by a margin of three to two. You can act now to urge Congress to support funding for suicide prevention programs.

Action Required
As part of the FY 2008 budget now pending before Congress, a bipartisan coalition of senators ? led by Senators Christopher Dodd (D-CT) and Gordon Smith (R-OR) ? are seeking full funding for youth suicide prevention programs under the Garrett Lee Smith (GLS) Memorial Act. Advocates are strongly encouraged to contact their senators and urge them to join Senators Dodd and Smith and sign on to their letter urging $40 million for FY 2008 for programs under the Garrett Lee Smith Act. The deadline for signing on to the Dodd-Smith letter is April 25.

Find out more from the National Alliance on Mental Illness.
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