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quick insurance stopped covering my lamictal and I was wondering if anyone knew of any drug that was similar to lamictal...I don't think there is a generic brand out there yet...i'm really bummed b/c the lamictal was working so well but oh well...if anyone knows anything that would be great...thanks so much;)
yeah I'm trying to get in conntact with my psychiatrist and maybe see a psychiatrist at my's kinda annoying that I'm so far away right now...


Thats a real bummer Kels. I will see if there is any information that I can find and will report back if I do. TSOW is usually pretty knowledgable about medications so he might be a good person to pm if you have a chance. He might be able to point you in the right direction at least.

Good luck and like I said I will see if I can find out anything

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TL is correct. I believe you should be able to purchase generic lamotrigine, since it's not a new medication.

There are other mood stabilizers (primarily lithium and depakote/valproic acid) but they won't necessarily work as well for you as the lamotrigine.

Talk to your doctor.


Actually, your pharmacist should be able to call your doctor's office to get the doctor's approval to dispense the generic form of Lamictal. In fact, I think I'd ask him/her to do so since your insurance company won't pay for the brand name. This is a situation that's commonly dealt with by pharmacists. :)
Thank you all for your replies...I always feel better talking to my doctor when I have a little bit of info...thanks for taking the time to find all this info for guys are the best!
good news because of some insurance things (I don't really understand it all) I am going to be able to stay on lamictal which is really good news..just wanted to let you know
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