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really not sure which board (if any) this would go on but wanted to share:) Today I signed up a Hebrew class to improve my Hebrew:) It's only going to be a one day really intense class but I'm very pleased that I've taken this step. I have a problem committing to long term classes but feel like I can handle this one day. The new meds (even though they are making me sick) seem to be working.
Thanks for all the welcomes. The dogs had a great day with lots of playing fetch:)
I will report this to a monitor in case it don't belong here iin which case I am sorry


No problem, as I see it, hon. Your post is fine where it is. It's still serving as a sort of introduction to who you are and the things that interest you, as well as what you're doing to further your quest for health and happiness. :)

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No worries, Rosa. It could be in Miscellaneous Topics but here is fine too :)

Good for you for taking those wee steps!

<edit: ThatLady beat me to it! :D >
I think that is really good to tak e small steps. It sounds liek something cool too.

yesterday I vowed to mop the kitchen floor and i got half of it done. That was my small step for yesterday.



Thank you both:) I'm ever so pleased with myself at ths moment. ?I'll check out that Miscelaneous (sp?) board...this place is sooooo big I couldn't decide what stop to get off at:)
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