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Jul 7, 2007
I wanted to pass on this resource all of the parents in the Forum. Its called Teaching Tolerance and the website is full of information like bullying, lunch prorams and other interesting articles. This is the synopsis of the newseletter I recieve plus the site address.

Teaching Tolerance

September 6, 2007
The Road to School Integration
This edition of the ABCs (Anti-Bias Classroom) offers activities and resources for classroom explorations of the winding road toward, and away from, integrated schooling in the U.S.

Little Rock Nine: 50th Anniversary It's been 50 years since nine black teenagers compelled a nation to live up to its promise of equality for all by enrolling in all-white Central High School in Arkansas. Activities for grades 4 and up.

Paying Our Respects to Brown This summer, the Supreme Court issued a new ruling NAACP Chair Julian Bond calls the "final epitaph" of school integration in the U.S. Activity for grades 5 and up.

Gender Doesn't Limit You
Teaching Tolerance is pleased to announce the release of a new research-based curriculum, designed to counteract gender bullying in the early grades - in just six simple lessons.

Mix It Up At Lunch Day: Nov. 13, 2007
Research shows our Mix It Up at Lunch Day program helps students get to know new people, create a more inclusive school environment and bolster school spirit and unity. Start organizing the event in your school today!

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