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Ten tips for mental health
May 07, 2004
by Nancy Daley

1. Build confidence
Identify your abilities and weaknesses together, accept them, build on them, and do the best with what you have.

2. Eat well and keep fit
A balanced diet, exercise, and rest can help you to reduce stress and enjoy life.

3. Make time for family, friends
These relationships need to be nurtured, If taken for granted, they will not be there to share life's joys and sorrows.

4. Give, accept support
Friends and family relationships thrive when they are put to the test.

5. Create a meaningful budget
Financial problems cause stress. Over-spending on our wants instead of our needs often is the culprit.

6. Get involved/volunteer
Being involved in community gives a sense of purpose and satisfaction that paid work cannot.

7. Manage stress effectively
We all have stressors in our lives, but learning how to deal with them when they threaten to overwhelm us will maintain our mental health.

8. Find strength in numbers
Sharing a problem with others who have had similar experiences may help you find a solution and will make you feel less isolated.

9. Identify and deal with your moods
We all need to find safe and constructive ways to express our feelings of anger, sadness, joy, and fear.

10. Learn to be at peace with yourself
Get to know who you are, what makes you really happy, and learn to balance what you can and cannot change about yourself.
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I was just reviewing some old posts and came across this one and wanted to say that the tips are great and something that I should remember.

Great post Dr. B. :) Thanks


All of those sound really great! I think I will benefit a lot from Number Four, as I have difficulty with that one, being as I spend a lot of time in my head. I did notice in having breakfast with the guy who's letting me stay at his house yesterday morning that we bonded really well, and I recall feeling more "human" than usual--if that makes any sense. I was able to offer support for some of his problems with depression and other issues, and I felt good about that. I think also that he is looking to me for friendship, which feels good too.


Hi everyone,
I think the Ten Tips For Mental Health is excellent. I am going to print this one out. It is good article to read, with tips that can be remember very easily. Take care :)
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