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i would like to thank all of you that are on this topic and that help people like i that struggle with bulimia or anorexia .. It is hard to understand and it is also hard to help someone in that situation like i have written in many posts in this topic i find it so hard to see that others are going threw a hard time and that there are people that live with these terrible diseases that are so dangerous and that never seace to evolve every year it is scary that this is the society that we live in .. sad to think that instead of saying that we are pretty the way we are on tv they promot diet pills and diets of all sort instead.. but the sadest thing is the one that promotes it on tv is probably of average weight.. talking about how she feels so much better that she lost the weight.. it is hard to believe that something so superfiacial can end up controling ones life and it is sad.. what makes us happy should not be the number on the sacel that does not determine a persons worth .. we are who we are we are all special in every shape and size? hard to believe when you are struggling with an e-d cause your mentality says that if you are thin you will be happy but that is not the case .. no matter how much you lose what you are trying to lose will never go away the pain will never go away no matter how thin you are you have to face it not run from it ,...
thanks yours
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