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There is a wonderful, relatively new (~6months) website on eating disorders... I have explored the site and do not hesitate to recommend it.

And for any girls who struggle with their eating and long for community and support, there is an online forum/community at
This gives those who struggle a chance to share their stories, provide encouragement, ask questions, build friendships, provide distractions, and sometimes just be plain silly and girly!!! :hippy:
I have joined this forum and explored, and it is a wonderfully supportive community, mostly late teens/early twenties, centred in the US/UK as most online eating disorder communities are. There is a very positive atmosphere on the site which I have seen nowhere to that extent on other support sites. So, from what I've seen, a great resource!

Hope this helps some of you out there, or that you can pass it on to those in your path. Let's beat eating disorders and stop letting them beat us.
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