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I like Dr. Baxter's comment... you don't always have to be doing "a Rocky"... that takes too much out of you... aware focus is a very good tool... I had stage 3 cancer and went through several states of mind. Conserving my energy was definitely one of them...

Even though my diagnosis was not very positive, I decided that my life is my own - and that I would participate fully. My surgeon was fantastic so positive and supportive. The oncologist, on the other hand, was pretty negative. "Well... you seem to be fine - FOR NOW..." So I decided that I didn't agree with her attitude. Her skills were superb, of course, but her attitude sucked. I called her Dr. Death. My surgery was in '04 and I don't have to take medication any more...

Winston Churchill: "Never, never, never, never give up". 4.... count 'em.... I saw it on the back of a pure white truck on the highway. No other markings - just that. Katieann
Thanks one step time ya seems like i do a thousand at a time sometimes
i just trip myself up and have been falling alot lately um illness part of it and i guess i do need a more positive outlook

thanks will try slow down some and not worry so much

Standing still sounds even better i may just take someone advice and step away from everything for awhile let the card fall where they may that will be very hard decision though.

. Ok one step at a time i have to keep trying i have too but slower pace

I do have a new doctor now a GP one that truly cares and is doing everything to help me get well medically so hopefully soon my mental health will improve as well.

Thanks Katieann your story inspires me to keep trying. I am glad you are doing so well now hugs

Thanks Dr Baxter when i read your words so logical they are just take one step time one. You don't have to be fighter that good cause i have no fight left


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Any fighter who wants to fight well, and keep fighting, can do so by taking days off... (or a week when needed!)... replenishing themselves... accepting the difference between what they can control and what they can't... even though those can be hard things to do sometimes.

You are inspiring forgetmenot. I think you do a good job of talking yourself into positive attitudes you can muster. Take care of yourself the best you can and treat that as important. That will help you keep fighting. xx
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