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New Movie - "The Peter Green Story", Rock Musician who Developed Schizophrenia
July 4, 2007

A new British film has come out on on the life of the UK rock musician Peter Green. Peter Green has been described as one of the world's great guitarists, and was famous as having replaced Eric "God" Clapton in John Mayall's Blues Breakers before forming Fleetwood Mac, a band who in 1969 were outselling The Beatles and the Stones combined. The story is quite similar to that of Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd.

In addition to Green's success, however, was liberal drug use which eventually it is believed triggered the development of schizophrenia, the treatment for which included electro-shock therapy.

In this new documentary film many other musicians play tribute to Green's guitar playing, under-rated vocals and songwriting, his credits including Black Magic Woman, Albatross and Oh Well. In the video its clear that many of rock stars have no understanding of mental illness - for example Carlos Santana is still in the 1960s view of mental illness as a "higher plane". Thankfully that lack of knowledge is rare today.

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