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The Rich Rewards of Pro Bono Work
Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pro Bono is a a Latin phrase meaning "for the good". Actually, the complete phrase is Pro Bono Publico "for the public good."

Offering Pro Bono professional services means that a person or company voluntarily provides services without payment to people in the community.

The legal profession has a long standing history of doing Pro Bono work. So do the fields of medicine, mental health, teaching, engineering and business. Part of the ethical standards within these professions asks its members to provide services to those who could otherwise not afford such services.

I have always found providing Pro Bono therapy to be extremely meaningful.

But did you know that volunteering is also good for your health?

It?s true.

Helping others benefits more than just the people receiving the assistance.

Research confirms that those who do volunteer derive physical, mental, and social benefits from their efforts. And many national and worldwide programs, like Kids with A Cause are reaching out to help instill the value of volunteering at early ages.

Volunteering need not be done in a big way, small efforts are very meaningful too. So, consider "paying it forward". It can do great things for you and the one you're helping.


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