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No Whining Zone
By Dr. Deborah Seranyi

What Workers Want: A Worldwide Study of Attitudes to Work and Work-Life Balance, by FDS International - a leader in market research, says that France is the biggest complainer about work and employment and Ireland is the least.

The Top 10 work-whiny countries are:

1. France
2. UK and Sweden (tied for second)
4. USA
5. Australia and Portugal (tied for fifth)
7. Canada and Greece (tied for seventh)
9. Poland
10. Germany and Spain (tied for tenth)

The three countries with the least amount of work whining:

1. The Netherlands
2. Thailand
3. and the least whiniest country of all was - Ireland.

For more on the research, click here. :acrobat:

What makes one country more demanding or more accepting than others?

David Baxter PhD

Late Founder
Looking at those rankings, an interesting covariate seems to emerge: Those countries with a higher per capita beer consumption are less whiny. :)

Evidently, wine and hard liquor doesn't have the same effect - or in the case of France has the opposite effect. :D

:beer: :cheers: :yahoo: :D


Those countries with a higher per capita beer consumption are less whiny

Very interesting.....I think we should do some more research on that theory though :bounce: :D

:beer: :yahoo:

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