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Can somebody please give me some input on these night terrors, hallucinations, whatever they really are. Why these specific events, what can they mean. Maybe it is possible that they are real.

1.) Dead Lady in my bed, looking at me.
2.) Somebody, Something, grabbing a strand of my hair and placing the strand onto my face.
3.) Somebody dragging me from my bed onto the floor through the hall, Some guy.
4.) Somebody sitting on me.

Whatever this is, Whoever this is, needs to let me sleep. I think I am a little too old for night terrors. Can somebody give me some ideas, some answers?

Thank you.
Unfortunatly, the closest ive come to expeiriance with night terrors is seeing a show about them on the BBC, so I went onto the net and picked up some links you may want to scroll through:

1) general information: night terrors
Treating and Preventing Night Terrors in Children

2) you mentioned about someone standing over you, etc, so you may find this dream analysis site interesting/helpful or not.

It does mention that predominatly they happen to kids between the ages of 3-5, and unlike a dream, one does not usually remember why they are terrified.


It is all very strange for me and also hard for me to accept that it is only a bad dream.

It is really happening to me, I feel everything so real, with every sense. My hair is usually being messed with, being pulled and placed on my face, One guys was attacking me and I was being dragged by my hair, That one was very hard.

Many of these dreams are hard to get up from, I am stuck in fear and shock, sometimes I can barely breathe, and I remember them so vividly that I really feel the presence of whatever near me. It is Awful, I hate going to bed sometimes. I am not 5 years old either, I am 20 that is sad.
I’m 23, and I reckon that we’re at a fairly transitionary period, yeah? Can you think of something that may be making you feel tense in your everyday life?


Everyday stressors that is all, I have had horrible dreams ever since I was a kid. Dreams that feel so real, I am not ever really sure if I was dreaming, did this really happen? Sometimes things come to me through out the day, and I can't remember if it really took place. I am fine I just find it strange big time, I mean what if some of these dreams are real?Ghost or something, okay I feel like a nut. Today I was in my room and the door was shaking, someone was trying to open the door and nobody was there? Three times this happened to me, When I got up to see who the hell was shacking my door nobody was there?
geeze, I've never experienced anything like that, the worst i have had were just dreams, and regardless of their realisim, i can seperate what i dreamt about in the dream from real life. Perhaps you could see your doctor and he could recomend a sleep clinic? At least that way you could rule out some options?
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