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well i thought it would be interesting starting a list of things that we learned through this disorder cause so many people say that you learn things through obstacles that you live and well this is my list

  • I am worth my health
  • you deserve to be healthy
  • I have to believe in me
  • having people believe in me won't change anything
  • I have to do it for myself cause otherwise I will relapse
  • I can't get discouraged when I do relapse it's part of getting better
  • don't let anyone tell you that you can't make it
  • if I was able to have enough self control to get me into this to starve myself to death then I have enough to get myself out of it
  • anorexia and bulimia are diseases not allies not friends and not something to lean on
  • you are not anorexia you are you and all your qualities and your e-d is not amongst them
  • an e-d is not a way to gain control but rather to lose control
  • do you really want to die?
  • etc...


Re: things i've learned

Dear A-K, very powerful wording, I am going to print it off to help reduce my stress. I think many people can be helped by following your list. :heart: Mari
the thing is far to often we associate our e-d with things that are great and southing but it is just the oppisite ,
the thing is once you have it it is hard to stop the pattern of self destruction we can try to prevent it but i don'T even know if that is actually possible cause people don't get e-d's by choice but rather by lack of choice so we can'T tell the world that they don't want to be this way that they have to eat cause these are things they already know we have to tryand make the people that are suffering such as you and me see that it'S not that great no matter how much we sugar coat it . we can't say it is fun to through up or to take laxatives or diet pill or to starve ourself to have migrains head akes dizzy spells thatM's not fun . yeah you feel in control at times but for how long and then think you can find that control in so many other things in sports in art in life in school you never really needed the e-d at the start you felt you did but not anymore the dust has fallen now it's time to face the world the e-d can't protect you always.
yours trully
thank you for sharing your insights. you are right, through obstacles we can learn valuable lessons, and it is good to share these with others who may be facing similar problems in their lives.

keep on learning and doing what you're doing, i see you are working on taking control back in your life and that is how you heal. you're doing a great job :)

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