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Miss clean is going nutso waiting for Social Security to make up their mind about the decision of my actually being disabled.(OH PULEEEEZ!)

I am diagnosed major depressive disorder, OCD, panic disorder, paranoid disorder, amnestic disorder, post-traumatic disorder, etc. I called my attorney firm and every time I call, I hear.."It may be January or February (2006). Next time I call..."It may be March or April," and then, "We filed in March 2005, so by law its gotta be anywhere from March 2006-October 2006." GRRRRR!

What is taking sooooooooooooo long?

Is anyone else going crazier than they already are?

Please post me if you are suffering like I am !

miss clean


I am so sorry that things are taking this long... that's what most of mental health issues come down too though, even physical ailments, whether someone is actually "sick enough" or whether someone is "at fault" or not... sadly, they do have to go through this process, whenever resources are involved and some type of benefit.... $$$ drives a lot of this. I'm sure a lot of people on here can relate, the only thing I'd say is keep asking, keep pushing, it's your right. If you give up, stop asking, stop trying to get help then no one is going to run after you and offer you assistance- so you might as well keep asking and requesting. Insurance companies have a wonderful way of making sure that your treatment is "legitimate" and have a say in what type of treatment and the duration of treatment that is appropriate... do they have expertise in this? no. it's all about $. Or what about all the people who could benefit from some kind of treatment and don't have the $ for it. sigh. Hope things won't take too much longer!

Daniel E.
Have you or your lawyer already called the office/division of Disability Determinations in your state to ask the status of the application? Since it has taken about 9 months already (which is longer than the shorter 3-6 month wait in many/most places of the country), I would, if I were you, call the office/division of Disablity Determinations at least every 3 weeks or so to ensure they don't put the file at the bottom of a heap.

If there have been more applications in your state than usual, that would certainly explain the delay. Anyway, my guess is that you are in the last stage of processing, i.e. just waiting for a doctor at the Disability Determinations office to make a determination any day now.

Just so that you aren't shocked later: When you finally get approved for disability, your payments will begin the next month, but you may have to wait 3 months for you (and your lawyer) to get backpay (at least that was the case with me).
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