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Just found out after 60 years that I have Tourettes which answered why I had so many tiics.

At young age I've been dealing with severe anxiety and could not do lots of stunts like the others.. Was terribly anxious even walking down the isle at church or just going in front of the class. Although I'm constantly trying to contol it , Its still my worse problem today.

From what I've read, anxiety is often seen with Tourettes .So does mean that all along it was related..?

Also being predisposed to it and not knowing, it gets worse like a snow ball going down the hill.

Feedback please.



Though there is no direct link between anxiety and Tourette Syndrome, it is believed that raised anxiety levels (stress) will increase tic activity,

It is further thought that people with Tourette often have a higher baseline anxiety level that the general population, probably because we are constantly on guard with some of our tics, sometimes in an attempt to suppress them.

As a result, when usual everyday stressors affect our everyday life, our anxiety level is increased which can be problematic for some people in their ability to cope with that higher level of anxiety.

It's not unusual for people with Tourette to seek treatment from their physician for relief from anxiety disorders.

it gets worse like a snow ball going down the hill

Are you finding it more difficult to cope with stress in your later years?

BTW I like you was officially diagnosed with Tourette late in life, so I can appreciate some of the difficulties and challenges you may have faced in your earlier years, not knowing the cause of some of your behaviours.


It is complicated. Its hard to go back 55 years but I remember having tics and being tease and felling to be the odd ball. Again I've been very anxious all my life. My did not raise me but I heard telling me that at 5 months oldshe could keep quiet as I was on the move all the time. At 5 months they would put some brandy in my bottle to keep me quiet..

Around 7-8 I hard trouble walking down the isle at church I was so nervous.

Its hard to understand
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Its hard to go back 55 years but I remember having tics and being tease and felling to be the odd ball

In those years there was not much awareness on the subject of Tourette, or even other learning or behavioural disorders.

When a student behaved in anyway that was different from what was thought to be "normal" the child would be labelled by students and often by teachers.

Vinton, you and I could be considered as the pioneers who paved the way for the young people with Tourette today who have the advantage of teaching systems which, in many cases understand, and provide consideration for kids with disorders.

You are certainly on the right track to locate a therapist with an understanding of Tourette who can help you work through these issues.

Doing so should lighten the load you are carrying, considerably. :)
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