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Hi everyone my name is Jennie and i'm 18. i've had trouble with anxiety since I was 5 years old (diagnost with selective mutism when I was 5, even though I am in college it is extremly difficult for me to speak in certian school settings. Giving presentations is near impossible.) I feel like a train reck: selective mute, soical anxiety, eating disorder and self injury. It just never ends, when my anxiety gets better for just a little while the eating disorder gets worse. When I was younger I opposed every form of therapy, I hated the evaluations, the school psychologists who said I was just overly "shy" or the ones who said I was controling and manipulative. Then there were the teachers (mostly early elemntary) that said I was "slow" or "distured". In the end everyone said "she'll grow out of it" :( I didn't things just got progressivly worse. My parents know about my anxiety, what they don't know is that I still freeze in some of my classes and I have panic attacks while doing presentations (if i do them at all). I wonder how I made it though high school with a high gpa lol. Now i'm in college(much better than high school!). I'm majoring in writing/literature with a minor in psychology, i'm planing on transfering to an art school in the near future for writing. I dance, mostly classical ballet aswell as doing yoga. and I love music, a day without my ipod is not a good one. Well, anyway I just wanted to say hello!



Welcome to the forums, Jennie! :eek:)

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Hi, Jennie...

What is it you are doing to try to manage your anxiety currently?


Pretty much my coping skills are nill...i'm trying to find a therapist. Outside of school i'm okay (for the most part) but during class I can never fully relax.


*waves back* Welcome, Jennie!
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