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Hi All,

Well, I just got home from my third session and I'm not disappointed. She was quick to notice an issue with me and thought we should start work on that first. I've had homework since my last session and I'm so looking forward to working through this stuff. I'm tired of carrying this around (might be why my back is always sore) and I'm ready to be rid of it and find new tools to replace it.

Just a general statement about therapy. I think when you get to a point of really trying to change old, bad behavior and you open your mind and heart that that's when things start to work out slowly...........again one tiny step at a time.


Wonderful news, Meagan! I couldn't agree with you more! When you're ready to change, everything just seems to begin to fall into place. It may be just a piece at a time, but it's good to see progress.

Hugs, hon. :eek:)
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