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I told my Mum earlier today about this dream I had last evening. I told her it would sound better after I'd written it down, so here it is...

My dream was that the future of the human race was in jepoardy.

Pregnant women everywhere were spontaneously aborting their foetuses. Upon further examination of these foetuses, they all had one thing in common - one gene was lacking in their DNA, therefore, none of them were viable.

This meant no new humans could be born. Or so we thought...

It became apparent that there was a secluded community similar to the Amish community whose women were giving birth to babies quite normally. This was the only community in the world who wasn't lacking this gene.

The team I was a part of decided we would approach this community to ask if we could take some DNA samples. We planned to repopulate the gene pool with the missing gene.

Unaware of our plight, when we arrived, the community became scared and began attacking us with primative weapons such as bows and arrows. The men in our team fought back but did so without the intent to harm or kill. Since we had the means to basically slaughter this community, we wished them no harm so our tactic was to keep them 'fighting' until they exhausted their arsenal. No one was injured from their community.

Meanwhile, I sneaked into their compound and found myself in what looked to be a teaching room with mahogany panelled walls and mahogany desks. The idea was for me to penetrate the community from within; to at least begin to speak with the women and ask for their help.

While in the room, a young man of around 18-22 entered. He was all the way into the room, door already closed behind him before we saw each other. We were both alarmed at the sight of each other. The young man looked like a college footballer. He was tall and had blond hair. There was suddenly signs of fighting out in the corridor so I gestured for the young man to follow me into a room within this teaching room for safety.

I discovered it was a bathroom housing a sink, toilet and bath with a shower over the bath. We closed the door behind us and when we heard fighting in the teaching room, we both got into the bath and pulled the shower curtain across.

We stayed their silently until we heard no more noise from the teaching room. The fighters had moved away.

I introduced myself but he looked confused. He then spoke in a language I assumed to be German but since I didn't know any German, I couldn't be sure. We eventually managed to figure out each other's names. I tried to speak more with him and he tried too but we weren't having much success. We then 'spoke' in a language common to all human beings...

Afterwards, the young man ran off as if embarrassed by what we did. It suddenly dawned on me what this meant and I was so excited!

My team had worn the community down and they surrendered to us. Thankfully no one was hurt but before our leader spoke to their leader about why we were here, I needed to speak with him. I told him what had just happened and he was extremely disgusted with me. He shouted at me and called me derogatory names. I couldn't really blame him. There was no excuse for my behaviour but he had to know.

I pleaded, "Can't you see what this means?"

"I can see what it means all right!" he yelled, "You are an immoral woman!"

"From that point of view, yes, I am an immoral woman," I agreed, "But if it turns out I'm pregnant and the foetus is viable, my child will have the gene we need to repopulate our gene pool!"

The understanding crept across his face like the sun moving from behind a cloud. He was delighted! All negative feelings of my deed had vanished.

"We must get you home and take care of you..." he planned.

"No," I objected, "It's far too early for that, "We don't know if I've conceived yet."

"Ok. Well when we know that you've conceived, we'll take you home. Then I'll tell the leader of this community that we thought we needed his help but we no longer need it."

"I'm staying here," I said firmly. "If they learn I'm pregnant - I'm sure at some point the young man will tell someone what we did - and I just disappear, they'll think we've manipulated the whole thing when they learn about what's been happening in the rest of the world. That would be no better than stealing. I still want to ask his permission if we can use this DNA, assuming I'll conceive. And just so he and the rest of the community know that we appreciate their help and are not just going to walk away from them after they've helped us, I want to stay here for the whole pregnancy and deliver the baby here."

Our leader didn't like this idea but I insisted.


I did become pregnant and stayed until I delivered but the labour was as far as the dream went as I woke up just before the baby was born.

Thanks for reading.
Hi David

Thank you so much for your reply. I went to Amazon to check out those titles and I was certainly amazed at the synopsis of Children of Men. I've never heard either of those stories before.

I think my dream stems from reading Darwin's Radio in which spontaneous abortions and all the related genetics were feared to be the end of the human race, however, a few scientists suspected evolution. Fascinating stuff!

The similarities with that story and my dream are only between the genetics and spontaneous abortions. So, it looks like I've crafted my own story from an original idea. I like it! LOL.

Take care, David
After you mentioned Children of Men, I got my husband to get the film so we could watch it. It was a good film, nothing like my dream although there were parallels.
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