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I suffer from cyclothymia and ADHD but cant lift the anxiety and depression. In 1973 I was partially paralysed (whole right side)and recovered over the year but was not told for another 9 years that it was MS. So in 73 went into severe depression and was not diagnosed so not treated.

Since, I suffer from severe anxiety and chronic anxiety. followed many therapies and started meds 2 years ago .

Would you consider this as PTSD...


Re: would this be considered as PTSD


Your question is very specific, and requires an answer from someone with the expertise and clinical experience of Dr. Baxter.

If you could hang on for a few days, when Dr. Baxter returns, post a short reply to this discussion thread to bump your question to the top of the queue, so it will get his attention.

In the meantime, Have a look at this posting that describes the diagnostic criteria for PTSD

You have asked an interesting question and I'm eager to hear the comments.

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Re: would this be considered as PTSD


It just hit me this week that it could be as it started with this event.

I will wait for Dr. Baxter to come back
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