1. Never worry in your head.
  2. Hold on to hope but let go of expectation.
  3. When you try to control your past you give up control of your future.
  4. If you crave intimacy, practice vulnerability.
  5. Feeling bad is hard enough without feeling bad about feeling bad.
  6. Resilience comes from better habits not more coping skills.
  7. Emotional intelligence isn’t enough; you need emotional fitness.
  8. Focus is a subtraction problem.
  9. If you want to feel differently, you need to think and act differently.
  10. Falling off the wagon isn’t the problem; it’s the rolling around in the mud that gets you.
  11. You need more whitespace in your life.
  12. The best conversations are about connection, not information.
  13. Stop insisting that the world act the way you want it to tomorrow and it will be easier to work with the world you have today.
  14. Dating is an experiment: Look for data.
  15. Just because something feels bad doesn’t mean it is bad.
  16. Helpful criticism is about making the world better; unhelpful criticism is about making yourself feel better.
  17. How we habitually think determines how we habitually feel.
  18. Cultivate emotional curiosity.
  19. Confidence comes from trusting yourself to act on your values instead of your fears.
  20. If you want to think differently, hang out with different people.

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