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7 Ways to Prevent Anxiety Relapse
Paul Dooley
June 20, 2016

Breaking free from high stress and anxiety is no easy task. But once you do manage to break away how do you prevent them from coming back? Well, although you can?t ensure permanent remission of high anxiety, you can certainly do a lot to avoid it in the future. You can also do a lot to make sure that a recurrence of symptoms is more manageable than it may have been in the past.

When you take a proactive approach towards managing your stress and anxiety you become not only more effective at managing those issues but you will likely develop a more balanced outlook on your ability to effectively cope with any stressful situation. This can make all the difference as you seek to get better. One of the biggest mistakes I made as a former anxiety sufferer was to not stay on top of my stress management. If I wasn?t feeling anxious I pretty much forgot about it. And if I was feeling particularly worried or nervous I wouldn?t do much beyond hope for the best. In this regard, I never took preventative measures or actively worked toward remission.

That?s why today I want to share with you 7 specific steps you can take to improve your current and future levels of anxiety. They include:

  • Understanding the difference between a lapse and relapse
  • How to develop the correct perspective about relapse
  • Active and long-term stress management skills
  • The importance of knowing the triggers of your anxiety
  • How to identify the signs of high anxiety
  • How to mobilize all of your skills and resources at the right time
  • Being patient and developing realistic expectations

As I went through this list I thought about how helpful it would have been to me during the height of my anxiety. This is what makes bringing these tips to your attention so important. Given that there is so much we can do to lower long-term anxiety, I?d hate to think that there are still people out there that are doing what I used to do, which is to say pretty much nothing.

That?s not an accusation, but rather what I tend to see in the anxious people I work with. Many times they are filled with good ideas and the best of intentions but still struggle to implement their recovery plans. I hope that by learning about these 7 steps that you can improve your own efforts to decrease high stress and anxiety.

So, listen now.

In this episode of The Anxiety Guru Show you?ll hear about:

  1. How to prevent a relapse of high anxiety
  2. How you can support the production of The AG Show
  3. Details about upcoming live online events
  4. Answers to listener emails

To listen, you can click the play button below or visit the AG iTunes page.
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