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i know this problem i have is complex that i won't deny but how is it that so many people confirm what the scale says but i just can't see anything i find it scary cause they tell me what they see when they look at me and express their worries when they notice a change in my physical appearance but i just can't see it and i am just dying to be able to see it who is saying the truth are they just telling me that to make me stop and eat or are they being truthful
i am confused


Hey Ashley,

I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that you're having a hard time with this. I can relate to what you're saying to a certain degree. I know how people making comments about your weight can feel anything but helpful. If the people that are making the comments to you know about your disorder, than they are probably have the best intentions and are just trying to help you (even though it's maybe not that helpful). I think that you and your doctors are the best judges of the real situation though, because in my experience when people make those kinds of comments to me about "losing more weight" etc I have found that generally they are not really very accurate anyway.

I guess what I'm saying is that I think you should focus on getting yourself well pretty much regardless of people's uninformed/biased comments.

By the way I think that's great that you found a new psychologist! Way to go! :)


Those people are probably trying to be helpful, Ashley-Kate. They care about you, but they don't really understand your condition. As Toeless said, the best source of truthful, helpful information is your doctor. You're not going to see what people are talking about because, to be honest, your mind doesn't want to see it. Your doctor will know what's best for you, and will help you to learn to know that, too.

Just keep trying, hon. Progress is slow, darn it! :(


I agree with what Toeless and TL have said Ashley.

it maybe so hard but will be worth it eventually.

keep going ok.

best wishes,
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