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Hey all,

I was curious to get some feedback from any of you out there who got divorced, had a healthy amount of time to heal, then started dating someone again. What was it like for you when you found a new "someone special" and then maybe met the family or friends of this new boyfriend or girlfriend?

Reason why I ask: I have been divorced for over a year now (separated for 1 yr before the divorce) and really haven't dated much after the divorce (a couple of dates, here and there but nothing special). I am now happily dating a new guy during the last 4 months. He is professional with a good, full-time job and is going to school part-time for a Masters' degree. We see each once a week (due to busy schedules, but I don't mind because I also have a busy life & professional job). He is becoming special to me and just told me last week that the next time he goes to see his parents, he would like me to come along and meet them (they live 3 hours away so it would have to be a planned trip). I told him I wouldn't mind and that would be nice. The way I see it, it is just meeting them, it doesn't mean he is proposing marriage or anything yet. I do have a couple of worries, like what would his parents/family think of me because I am divorced (I don't have any kids). He has already talked to them about me a lot over the past 2 months and sometimes he says things like "my mom says to tell you hi!" I guess for the first time I am a bit nervous about meeting a new man's parents/family!

Just curious about how other folks have handled the "post-divorce" dating in the past & what your experiences were. How did the new family/friends react to you when you met them? How did you feel about meeting them? How long did you wait till you met them? Was there ever a time where you tried to get out of meeting them and why?

Sorry for all the questions, but this "dating as a divorcee" thing is new for me! Thanks for reading, all!

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It's hard to know how to answer this question because it depends on all of the people involved.

I think most families care more about whether the new woman in their son's (brother's, sister's) life is making him happy and about what kind of person she is than about what her past was.
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