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AllPsych Online Psychology Classroom

This site is a great source of information for psychology students or those interested in psychology or self-help.

Sections include:

Online Psychology Texts
Free online psychology synopses, including general psychology, personality, statistics, and research methods.
  • Psychology 101
  • Personality Synopsis
  • Statistics Primer
  • Research Methods
Psychology Reference Section
The complete psychology reference section. Includes a 500+ word psychology dictionary, biographies of famous psychologists, an extended timeline of psychology history, recommended books, and more.
  • Timeline of Psychology * Expanded - 387 BC to present *
  • Psychology Biographies
  • Psychology Dictionary * 500+ Terms Defined *
  • Psychology Bookshelf
  • Street Drug Fact Sheet
  • Psychotherapy Facts
Psychiatric Disorders
Symptoms, etiology, treatment and prognosis for over 50 of the most common disorders.
  • Diagnosis Facts
  • DSM IV
    • Alphabetical Index of all Disorders
      • Anxiety Disorders
      • Dissociative Disorders
      • Eating Disorders
      • Impulse Control Disorders
      • Mood Disorders
      • Paraphilias
      • Psychotic Disorders
      • Sexual Dysfunctions
      • Sleep Disorders
      • Somatoform Disorders
      • Substance-Related Disorders
      • Personality Disorders
Online Tests & Quizzes
Psychology Information tests, self-help quizzes, and diagnostic screening.
  • Academic Psychology Tests
  • Mental Health Screening Tests
  • Self-Improvement Quizzes
... and more. Worth checking out.
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