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I like to think I need to have to be who I am


Cloudy days. Quiet nights. Lights. Dreaming. The sound pencils make against paper when I sketch (but I prefer drawing with pens, and flexible nib pens). Quirky people, funny blogs, interesting metablogs. Hot coffee, cold cola, melting ice cubes. Warm blankets, comfy bed, rain outside, love inside. Zoning out everywhere. Someone. Words. Comics. MEAT. Bumming around. Making new things. Learning. Touching paper. Spontaneous roadtrips.


I need to consciously think more, or less. I'd like to live in a place where wind-chimes are huge and don't look trite. Dogs are better than cats, except cats are better than dogs. Of wonderful things. I'm a lil scared sometimes. Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffa....I give up.


Art. Peaceful space. Caffeine. More time. Some bandage for the world. Or even just over the hearts of some people I know. Money. Brains. Friends, ah, my friends. To learn to make decisions. Very little. More time! More time! More life.


A bank balance that inspires tears. Things that don't belong to me in my bag. A green cap, a present, it looks communist-y. A short attention span. Been waiting for a new mind-blowing genre of music to emerge for too long. A lost mechanical pencil. A habit of biting straws. Many assignments, much less discipline.


Living in my head. Groggy, ah, time for a nap soon! Clearly smitten over unclear objects of affection, unclearly smitten over obvious objects of affection - I don't do this on purpose so I can say sentences like this, it just happens that way. Passively curious, usually bored and easily distracted. PMSing. Starting to zone out, watching fish swim, and thinking this is not relaxing at all - fish are territorial lil bastards. Listening to Roots 'n' Boots. Unsure why people think I'm definitely headed somewhere good. Constantly aware of my assignments, and thinking of the need for ideas and concepts, without coming up with or improving upon said ideas.



That is actually a fairly exhaustive format for journalling/identifying feelings and thoughts. Interesting.


To me it was just like writing exactly whatever came to mind at that time and I am like you BBC, I too would wonder what would come up. Interesting.
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