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Hello, I am new to this forum.

I got a question that I hope someone can answer and if you cant understand everything, feel free to ask a question.

As little girl I often got beat up pretty bad by my parents. My reaction has been anger and I can count on my hand when I have attacked other that my parents. In public, I rarely attack others and manage to control myself quite well. Unfortunately other angry people, always get angry at me and I don't get angry at them.

Six years ago I started in a new class with just unknown folks. This one girl, did from day one, look angry at me. She tried to block me away from the social side of the class. But I just took that as a hint that I should not be with her and I got friends with those she did not have contact with. Throughout the years she was kind to almost everyone, except me.

Two years ago she attacked me, verbally. She screamed out something embarrassing about me into the whole class. My friends told me not to care, but I started to cry. The teacher got worried and I just told I got embarrassed by her. Thereby the teacher went over to her to ask why she did that. She got really angry and told the teacher that she was not a child and then she refused to talk. Now she stares at me with an angry look. This disturbs me, because no one has looked like that one me, except from a psychopath that threatened to kill me. Later this psychopath tricked a man to join him in the murders, torture and rape on two young girls. I do not have anything against her, I just want her to stop looking so angry at me and not provoking her to attack me. Also I heard her telling others that she was beat up by her dad as child, I do not know if that is the truth.

Because I do not really have any interest of her. I do not wish to attack her in any way. What should I do?
Probably best to avoid an angry person like that. If she won't leave you alone, maybe you could talk to a teacher about it.


I'm not sure how old you are, but I remember similar things happening in school and it seemed that peer mediation (even though it sounds lame) really worked. Several times I saw girls who hated each other end up on very friendly terms after a visit or two to the school counselor together. I think many times it's just a misunderstanding. Usually it was the girl who was being intimidated that went to the counselor, and then they would call the other girl in to mediate.

Good luck, I know these things can be very traumatic and stressful. I really do feel for you.


Sounds like she's he one with a problem, not you. Ignore her and stay away from her. I had an unpleasant encounter with a similar character a few yeears ago. I don't know what her peoblem was. Ignore her and do not respond to whatever she says/does in any way. Put on a blank expression. I have a feeling that would work.

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