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hey, david: ive already emailed u about this but like u said i should post something 13 years old and i eat around 700 cals a day im always worried about food and just wanna be able to eat normal and be thin and not have to worry about it i need some info on how many calories i should be eating a day while being thin and not gaining weight just being healthy...u can email me at [edit: use the email button below]

thank u so much

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As I said in my emails, Melissa, 700 calories per day is not even close to what your body and brain needs.

See for some basic nutritional needs, and in particular this chart, which indicates that your caloric intake should be somewhere between 2000-2500 calories per day:



Hi Melissa

Hi Melissa, my name is Louise and i am a university student studying at the University of Leeds in England, i was very upset to hear about a girl so young suffering from such a disorder. i remember being at school when i was 13 and having so many body shapes, some bigger, some smaller around me and feeling very self-concious about myself when the skinnier girls were around me. i was just wondering how anorexia overcame you and why it started. i am interested in it because i have a 12 yr old sister who is becoming incresingly thin and i want to know what signs to look out for and know if there are any ways of helping her! i would really appreciate it if you would reply, if you want to talk about anything, i'm here for support.


Things to look out for? Here are things I do that should be tell tale signs to those who know. You don’t have to rush to the bathroom immediately, usually I don’t because I don’t want to arose suspicions, but sometime soon after the meal; it takes more then a minute, its not like if we were truly peeing, so usually I lie and say I have an upset stomach or am doing girl stuff. My eyes get watery and hands smell. Also, I stuff my face if I know that I will go the bathroom, if I know it may be while before I can be alone, Ill eat less. Hope this doesn’t scare you, I'm just trying to tell you honestly some of the things that go on.


Hi sk8r_tillDeath
Even though I'm a bit :) older than you, I remember being 13 very well, and I remember wanting to be thinner...partly because I was filling out on my chest and hips...

I know you want to look good... us females seem to feel that a lot more than men... do you know...if you carry on not eating enough, your hair and skin will not look good :(

I'm sure David may have told you other physical or medical problems that can happen, as others have too...

Maybe you're at a crossroads now...and you can still choose life..
Be a sk8r_4life :)


Melissa, if you are concerned about your health let me tell you I have been having scares, in fact next week I am seeing a cardiologist about heart problems I’ve been having. I don’t want to admit I did this to myself for the sake of being a few pounds thinner but it looks like I really made some bad decisions. This may sound stupid but I imagine how many years this may have removed from life and the time I may miss my loved ones. There are ways to be thin and fit without all this. I just ordered some DVD excersize tapes so I can do them at home instead of running to the bathroom because I fell bad about what I ate. No doubt I am here to try to help myself although I'm not quite ready to tell people about it. How bad is it for you? What are you up to each day? How thin are you?
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