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I have anxiety about my snoring. I'm trying to train myself not to snore. When I stay with lovers, I'll keep myself awake all night, to make sure I don't disturb them, or I simply isolate myself so I won't have to face them.

I hate snoring.

David Baxter PhD

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Have you ever asked your lover about whether she/he is bothered by your snoring?

Everyone snores at least once in a while, some people more often than others. It's not necessarily either a problem or even objectionable. Before I was married, one of my sons' cats used to sleep on my shoulder and purr as I was falling asleep. My wife snores. To me it sounds like purring. I find it comforting and kind of cute. :)

Perhaps, instead of lying awake all night worrying about it, you could just raise it as a topic of discussion. I know if I have a beer or two and then sleep on my back, I'll almost certainly snore. I just tell her to give me a poke so I roll onto my side and it will stop.


I was wondering the same thing as David as to whether you have asked your lover whether your snoring is bother him or her? Also, it is possible that they are a heavy sleeper and don't even hear you.

I know that I am the same with having a drink or two, if I do then I am guaranteed that I am going to snore. Another thing is that I tend to talk in my sleep so I do forewarn people of this beforehand so that they are not alarmed.
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