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As I've said elsewhere, the term "antipsychotic" is misleading because these medications are sometimes for non-psychotic conditions. This is especially true for the newer so-called "atypical antipsychotics", which in lower doses are not infrequently used to augment the effectiveness of SSRI medications or to minimize the side effects of those medications in the treatment of depression or anxiety disorders, etc.
I realize it's a little late to be replying to this message, but if you're reading, I just thought I'd let you know that I on venlafaxine and Seroquel. I began taking the Seroquel about 4 months ago and have noticed a very significant improvement in my general anxiety levels. I'm on a very minimal dose, but it's works for me. I was apprehensive about taking it because it was labeled an antipsychotic. Before the Seroquel I was taking Clonazepam - but I began to develop a dependency on it AND I felt like a zombie and almost felt more depressed. Anyway, I switched to Seroquel as my doctor explained to me that it is completely safe and non addictive. I wonder if it's a similar scenario with yours?
Richardaddy said:
Is anybody on antipsychotic medication for anxiety? I have ocd and depression . I am on venlafaxine and also olanzapine.

Hi, I'm being treated for anxiety/depression. I was on the antipsychotic medication Risperdol for a few months. Now I'm on the anxiety medication Lexapro. It seems very helpful for me.
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