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Army Behavioural Health Website
By Gareth

The Army Behavioural Health Website is provided by the US Army Medical Department for soldiers, their families, the public and news media.

It is basically a collection of articles on a variety of issues specific to soldiers heading into or returning from combat. The range of articles is extensive ranging from dealing with deployment to appropriate mental health assessment post-deployment. Visitors will find content on PTSD, suicide prevention, coping with combat stress, helping children cope with trauma, and issues around family and friends. Resources are in a variety of formats from pdf articles to videos and weblinks.

There is also some interesting content on the Mental Health Advisory Team (MHAT), a team of health professionals deployed to war zones to assess the mental and behavioural health of soldiers. This site is obviously of most use to soldiers and their families, although health professional working with military personnel may find some useful content on the site.
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