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Can anyone give me any information about adult attachment disorders. I have identified problems that I have as an attachment disorder. Unlike RAD (reactive attachment disorder) its where an adult gets obsessively and disproportionately attached. I havent found much information so far though. Can anyone point me in the right direction, not just to read up on it but sources of help and support

Many thanks


Hi David

Thank you for that. I have followed up all the google sites. All of whom are in the US. I have asked them for advice but all came back with "join our two week intensive course" etc which is out of the question for me based here and they offered no advice or indeed even mentioned anything I had said

Most of the books seem to be about child attachment, i think the Bowlby one is too? I suppose all I am looking for is some understanding about my own situation and ways I can move past this. Im on a waiting list for psychodynamic therapy here, Im hoping that will help but just wanted to find info in the meantime

Many thanks David. I will look up the books you mention

David Baxter PhD

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They are about attachment issues originating in childhood, but that (especially the Bowlby book) is where these concepts originated - the books are more about understanding the issues, I think.

I thought some of those Google links looked like online support groups or forums... if they're just trying to sell you something, I'd agree - keep away.


I have battled with attachment problems all my life, although manage this better now. i would say that in all the searching and reading I have done, the best book I have ever read about attachment and where problems have their roots is: Why Love Matters .. by Sue Gerhardt. I would recommend it both for therapists and for people battling with this. Very clear and informative and I could recognise myself jumping out of the pages ... well written too
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