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hey everyone well thought i would let you know that all my nagging has finally did something i will be meeting my psychologist and nutritionnist on wednesday of next week the app was confirmed yesterday :) i am extremly nervous we have a big meeting on monday with my old therapist on like a TV or something they will tell the new in general how i am and what i am like and stuff like that cause me mom is there and other people that don't need to know everything.. then they will call during the week to give them the other info :) finally therapoi but i am really nervous...

yours trully


Re: therapie:)

Wonderful news, Ashley! I understand you're nervous. That's a normal feeling to have. Just realize that you've finally achieved what you've been working for... a real chance to feel better. :)


Re: therapie:)

Hi Ashley-Kate,
That is wonderful news, all the best. I am sure your do fine, take care, keep us posted about how it goes!
Hugs from Holly :)
Well hello everyone i felt like telling you that yesterday i had the appointment :) with everyone i saw many people (even the nerse that i used to see she was the one that helped me for like 3 years now we lost tuch after my last hospitalisation :() none of witch were the therapist i will be seeing cause well they have not quite decided on that yet unfortunatly but the one girl that was there i thkn she is the hospital social worker or something told me that by the end of the end of the school year i will have saw a psychiatrist and i will most likely have an app with everyone :) my dr in montreal at the clinic was real nice as well and offered my psychologist in the futur the chance to go down there and spend a couple of days to know how they work and what she needs to do and how if she needs help ;). so thats what is going on chow
ashley i will keep you posted
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