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He's in jail now, he has a release hearing this Monday. I have to make a statement to the court as to why I believe he should stay in jail.

What do I say, in legal terms, not just an emotional statement, so I will be convincing? His past history is not good especially with the medical board, but the county prosecutor says he has to be judged on this incident.

he has held my head under water "to teach me a lesson", held a loaded, cocked pistol to my head, shot up my car (with me in it), held a knife to my throat (because of my tone of voice) and other things. I do fear for my life, especially since I live alone in the country, and he has said he can kill me with his bare hands. He's 6'3" 280#. I'm 5'5' 140# (oh, I'm 62 years old). Sheirff response time is about 20 minutes.

I have worked in the mental health field, and believe he is narcisstic, his history reads like a sociopaths. He currently has 2 restraining orders against him.

I am his 4th wife and am in the process of getting an anullment as we have been married for 3 months, although lived together for 2 years.

I hope someone can give me some advice as to the above question and also what I will be going through in the future.

Thank you

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Hello, I just posted a question under miscellaneous as I didn't know where else to post it.

I'm the battered wife of a psychiatrist....great huh? Yes, guns are involved.

He's in jail, has a release hearing Monday and need help formulating what to say to the court so he stays there. I believe he's a psychopath, so very charming and manipulative. He's got quite a history that I didn't know about. I'm his 4th wife.

I live in the country, alone and am scared for my life.


Sounds to me like you've got a pretty good handle on what to say already, hon. If he's in jail (I'll assume it's on abuse charges), it's already known that he's abused you. After reiterating the things he's done, and the threats he's made, tell them just what you've said here: You live in the country, 20 minutes away from law enforcement support (at minimum), and you're afraid for your life.

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I'm not sure the court will be looking for anything in legal terms - that part is up to your lawyer, if you have one, or the Crown / Prosecutor if you don't.

Generally, what the court is looking for from the victim is a simple statement about the phsyical and emotional impact on you of what has happened to you.
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