Being Taken off lexapro


Long story short, I ended up in the ER today...I freaked out on my run and a cop saw it...Got to the ER and freaked out again...The ER Dr. told me to start weaning myself off the Lexapro and make an appt. with my p-doc ASAP...Well the secretary at my p-docs clinic hung up on me...I tried again and she hung up on me again...

I've decided to stay away from psych meds after I'm off the Lexapro...I can't do these reactions to them anymore...........RIMH
why did this doctor decide you need to get off lexapro? did you get any recommendations for a different anti-depressant?


LB...He feels that the Lexapro is whats causing the panic attacks and the memory loss...For 2 days I couldn't remember who my T was or my ex T...
He suggested Celexa or going back on the Zoloft but i told him I raged on the Zoloft......RIMH
ok, gotcha.

i would try calling your pdoc again on monday. maybe there was a problem with the phone line. it does happen.



Although Zoloft and Lexapro didn't work for you there are many others on the market that may well do the trick and work better. Don't give up on all of the anti-depressants just because of a couple of bad experiences.

I agree with Ladybug about trying to call your pdoc again on Monday and getting that appt. It is possible that there was a problem with the phone line and you were getting disconnected.

Take care


You're both right and I will call again Monday....I did find out that my ex psychiatrist (I've only had 19) that I really liked is back and I'm going to ask for him again...He is awesome, he listens and caring and he's easy on the eyes...haha...RIMH

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Easy on the eyes? You mean like a chocolate cherry sundae?

Or more like soft contact lenses?