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How probable; likely; possible ,etc would it be for a person with OCD display great dissapointment or unhappiness through body language even though they are quite at ease, althougth the OCD is burning rubber? What is the likely hood that they would be aware of the negative body Langiage?

David Baxter PhD

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I'm not certain I understamnd your question, Rick, but I think that individuals with OCD usually know when they are feeling anxious or distressed.


I wouldn't think a person whose OCD was "burning rubber" would be actually at ease. Perhaps, such a person could try to fake being at ease, but I'd think it would be impossible to be actually relaxed with compulsions burning in the background.

When people try to pretend to be relaxed and at ease while really quite anxious, their inner feelings usually make themselves known, in some way, through their body language. At least, that has been my experience.
I find this to be a relevant issue in my life. When my obsessions are going haywire (contamination fears) I find I will physically shy away from people and avoid touching them at all costs. This would appear that I am "scared" of them, although it is not them, but the potential for contamination that I fear.
i can only speak from my own personal experience, depending on the secific situation, when my compulsions start "burning rubber" i can't hide it well. i start shaking, wringing my hands, sweating, my eye will start twitching etc. anxiety gets really bad. people who know me(which is few - i keep to myself) can most definitely tell when it's happening. you can't talk to me either, i'll just "bark" at you until i get my obsessions in grip. so - no i can't hide it and yes you can tell through my body language.

i agree with stevel about the shying away from people, but where he is not scared of people but scared of contamination - i'm scared for both. i'm afraid of people and afraid of their germs. so i don't even go anywhere unless there is absolutely no way around it, and when people come over to visit us i can't wait for them to leave or i don't even come out of the bedroom.
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