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Hello everyone here. I am excited about joining the Psychlinks forum as I have recently found out I have Adult ADD. After having started reading Driven to Disctraction by Edward M. Hallowell and John Ratey (Very good) I am certain I have had ADD all my life. I am actually excited at knowing what has been holding me back in many ways all my life. I am also very frustrated that someone, ANYONE didn't realize this when I was younger. I can only imagine where I might be today. Further in my career, better relations with others, perhaps even better self esteem. People find it hard to believe I have low self esteem and often feel very inadequte because I tend to be a very happy person who enjoys joking around a lot.

Its funny how somkeone who appears to have it all under control on the outside can feel like such a mess on the inside.

I am now taking Concerta and have been since Friday.

Anyway I wanted to say Hi and actually participate in a forum with other people who may be going thru the same kind of things. I have found talking to family members about it just doesnt seem to be working for me. They are nice and all but they seem to want to change the subject. Anyone else notice that as well? For the older family members perhaps they feel some guilt over not having noticed it when you were a child and now want to stay as far away from it as possible. Who knows.

I do look forward to talking to others about ADD and share experiences.


Hi Buddhatech
Welcome :)
I will be interested to read more from you... read a couple of things already that seemed very thoughtful :)


Welcome, Buddhatech. You will find lots of people here who are interested in discussing anything you feel like talking about. I look forward to seeing you around!
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