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I often think of getting some help in treatment programs, but I don't think I can, here's why: 4 years ago, I dropped my weight so low I almost didn't make it. They found me wandering the streets and i don't remember it until I was locked up on a suicidal ward because they thought I would run away. It was the WORST experience of my life. They took away EVERYTHING, tv, cigarettes, coffee, gum, clothes, I had NOTHING and I was told I would be there until I doubled my weight. I was there for 3 full months on bedrest forced to eat 3,500 calories a day. I gained almost a pound a day and by the time I got out, i felt like the hugest fattest ugliest blob alive. They offered NO support and the only goal was to fatten me up. I became VERY depressed and they said i was only depressed beacuse i was gaining weight and I was not perscribed any medication whatsoever. I couldn't sleep because the lights were on 24/7. I am too scared to even see a phyciatrist anymore I just wish there was someone to really help me. too bad.
The prospect of treatment can be terrible depending on what is available to you. But don't limit your future because of unfortunate past experiences. There are eating disorder units which are voluntary and unlocked wards - nothing like what you described. If you're ready to do this for yourself, then it's likely that this will be a better experience. You have to be ready to receive treatment if it's going to be effective. Try doing some research on your own. See what kind of treatment centers there are in your area.

I wish you the best of luck.


i can not believe the way they terated you!!! i have never really understood the operations of these clinics. i really believe that they mess with someones mind and make the person even worse than befor they came in!!
this summer i have come along way in recovering from an ed and i did it through family and friends. for e, thats the only way that kept me sane and made me see what i was doin, what was roght and wrong. i really hope that youf find some way to get that security and support too. it is vital to survival! i really am disgraced at wat this clinic did to you, is tht normal procedure???? iu mean, they cant think that by fattening up thy cure a patient. tho i am sure that you look a lot better with some pinds on ... (i gained a stone this summer nd all i got was really positive feedback ...) they should not underestimate the thoughts going on in yout head.
but honey, know that we are here for you... whenver you need a talk, et it of your chest, post it. but honestly. friends and family can b usch a huge support... if not, try a few psychiatrists nad find the one that helps. you owe that to yourself
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