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Clinical Effectiveness of Quetiapine in Children and Adolescents with Tourette's Syndrome

Authors: Mazlum Copur; Baki Arpaci; Turkay Demir; Halis Narin

Background and Objective:
Tourette's syndrome is a relatively common biological genetic disorder with a broad spectrum of neurobehavioural manifestations. Unfortunately, treatment of the condition is often unsatisfactory and all available drugs are associated with potential adverse effects. We therefore aimed to investigate the efficacy of quetiapine, a newer atypical antipsychotic, in the treatment of children and adolescents with Tourette's syndrome.

This was a retrospective study carried out in outpatient clinics. Twelve patients aged 8-18 years with Tourette's syndrome (diagnosed according to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV criteria) who were receiving quetiapine therapy and had no diagnosis of epilepsy, major depression or psychotic disorder, were included in the study. The main outcome measure was the Yale Global Tic Severity Scale (YGTSS) score.

The initial dose of quetiapine was 25 mg/day, but the mean dose was increased to 114.6 ? 51.6 mg/day and 175.0 ? 116.8 mg/day at the fourth and eighth weeks of treatment, respectively. The YGTSS score, which was 21.6 ? 4.0 at baseline, showed significant decreases at 4 and 8 weeks (reducing to 7.5 ? 7.4 and 5.6 ? 8.1, respectively; p < 0.003). Routine laboratory parameters and serum prolactin level were all normal and did not change throughout treatment. Mild but significant increases in both bodyweight and body mass index at 4 and 8 weeks compared with baseline were observed.

Other than causing mild weight gain, quetiapine appears to be an effective, safe and well tolerated drug in children and adolescents with Tourette's syndrome.

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Seroquel (quetiapine fumarate) is marketed in North America by Astra Zeneca.

The U.S. product monograph is located here

The Canadian Product Monograph is located here
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