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hello people!

my recently ex-boyfriend has a big problem, in parallel with borderline and somewhat dependent personality disorder, anger unresolved issues, depression - He is a compulsive lier.He lies about many things, like, for instance, he says that he has went to some job interviews when he hasn't gone to any, he recently robbed? his housemate (500 euros!!!) and told the truth to him a few days ago,(he hasn't got any money to live,and he needed money for the rent) etc, etc...

he has a terrible childhood history, he was beaten up by his father and his mother never cared for him, never whepped with him, never cleaned up his blood, if he'd come home with blood after a day at school she would say "what the hell have you done, you little bastard! you're just like your father, always messing things up, it's your fault that you've been beaten!" and stuff like that...

i was wondering if is it possible for this boy/man of 30 year old (also a typical Pisces, if any of you know a bit of astrology...; and a Enneagram type 4...) to get better, to overcome his issues?

his father was an alcooholic , but he didn't follow his father's pattern, he "only" smokes one marijuana cigar daily (but his friends also do that, and all of his life he has lived with full acess to all kinds of drugs and never went through that road...).

he never trusted anyone except for me, he says i'm the only one who allowed him to understand that i truly love him so that he can show who he truly is to me... but the fact is that he has lied in several and severe occasions...

so i couldn't bear with with anymore. he is taking antidepressants but he still stays the you think psychotherapy would really help him... i feel this is such a "worthless" case...


thanks for your help...


Re: Compulsive lier

hello Selfincontact,
The fact that he is taking anti-depressants means (i'm assuming) he went to his g.p.? maybe a visit back to his g.p and get refferal letter to psychologist or psychiatrist.? Does he want to get help?? only he can answer that one.? ? ? i don't think there is such a thing\person as a worthless case.? ?but You can't do the work for him.. he has to take the steps necessary.

don't know if that helps any..
all the best
Re: Compulsive lier

thanks for your caring. yes, the medicine was prescribed by a doctor, and probably he will start psychotherapy in some time. he really tries to be a better person...

i only posted this here cause i was wondering if somebody knew about cases like this and if they could tell me if these behaviour can actually get better... i ws looking for some reassuring, i guess :(

thanks again, its good to know that someone cares...***


Re: Compulsive lier

With therapy, the behavior can certainly improve, hon. The key is, the person going to therapy needs to really want to overcome the problem behavior. It takes work to learn new ways of doing things and new ways of coping with the problems life throws at us. If your boyfriend really wants to beat this problem, and is willing to work hard to do so, he'll beat it. :)
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