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With my memberhip to Schizophrenia Society Canada (SSC)? I receive a quarterly newsletter updating me on important events that are concerned with schizophrenia as well as topics related to our organization.

In this recent volume, Winter 2006, we are informed of this new Clinical Practice Guidelines-Treatment of Schizophrenia produced by the Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA).

The article talks about the possibility of the CPA and SSC working together to create a plain language version for those who live with schizophrenia and their families.

The PDF file can be found at the bottom of the page under the? resource section on the SSC site.

A direct link can be found here:

The following is most of the table of contents:

Guideline Development Process

Treatment of Schizophrenia
ISSN 0706-7437
Vol 50, Supplement 1, 2005
The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry
La Revue canadienne de psychiatrie


19S Medications
19S General Principles
19S Second-Generation Antipsychotics
20S Pharmacologic Strategies for Phase-Specific Treatment
20S Acute Phase
21S Table 5 Second-generation antipsychotic dosages and titration
22S Stabilization Phase
22S Stable Phase
25S Management of Side Effects
25S Weight Gain and Abdominal Obesity
25S Impairment in Glucose Regulation and Diabetes
25S Dyslipidemia
25S QT Prolongation
25S Endocrine and Sexual Side Effects
26S Cognitive Side Effects and Sedation
26S Extrapyramidal Side Effects
26S Neuroleptic Dysphoria
26S Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome
27S Clozapine Side Effect Profile
27S Table 6 Recommendations
28S Drug?Drug Interactions


29S Medication Adherence and Psychoeducation
30S Vocational Interventions
30S Skills Training
30S Cognitive-Behavioural Interventions
31S Family Interventions
32S Cognitive Remediation
32S Peer Support, Self-Help, and Recovery
33S Stigma
33S Associated Features and Special Situations
33S Treatment of Comorbid Symptoms
33S Substance Use
33S Prenatal Planning
34S Psychosocial Interventions Across Illness Phases
34S Acute Phase
34S Stabilization Phase
34S Stable Phase
35S Table 7 Recommendations

V. SERVICE DELIVERY 37S Service Delivery and the Treatment System

37S General Principles
37S Access
38S Availability
38S Coordination and Continuity of Care
38S Service Delivery Components
38S Early Psychosis Treatment Services
38S Acute Inpatient Care
38S Day Hospitals
39S Home-Based Acute Care
39S Mobile Crisis Service
39S Outpatient and Community Mental Health Services
39S Case Management
40S Residential Care
41S Table 8 Recommendations

43S The Prodromal Phase of Schizophrenia
43S Table 9 Recommendations




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