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I have just put my heart into begging for help for my recent life. I can't repeat it all. I have such bad luck that even my cry for help, when I clicked submit..... my computer would not submit it....
How is that for bad luck and depression. something even keeps me from asking for help by my computer freezing up when i send out a cry for help.
Sometimes you have to wonder when EVERYTHING goes wrong if there is more at play than menial depression.


Sorry to hear you are so depressed, exhausted. What's been happening? Well, I'm glad you got your message posted.


Actually my message describing my plight never did post (as far as I know), my computer froze, maybe it is for the best. It is a bit vulnerable to admit all your failures and faults on line, especially when you want to help the other people on the board.

Everything went wrong yesterday, but not just yesterday, today and forever if I can't get out of my slump. And the only way to get out would be to take my kids and start a new life somewhere. However, there is no money and I am not interested in involving Government agencies to do this... many times causes more problems.

I did manage to get up and clean up the house enough to feel comfortable, always makes me feel a bit better. But now i have to head over to see if I can get help with Rent and I didn't even want to get out of bed this morning then to have to deal with red tape and beg for help.

Thanks for responding, it is always nice to know I am not alone.



Im also sorry to hear of you not feeling well. I too know what it is like to feel hopeless, and exhausted. I know that I cannot offer any decent advice, I only know how to hug and comfort and listen, and I also know how lonely it can be when you need that and no one gives it. I wish there was something I could do, but I just dont know what. I hope you feel better. If nothing else, we can take a little bit of comfort in knowing that most of this will eventually pass RIGHT??
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