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I think that depression is also cause by having ADD. Think about it, you have these kids that learn at a different level and a slower pace teachers pull kids out of class rooms put them in a smaller class, (Resource Room indviduals that also have ADD or ADHD) the kids then get teased by other kids it all makes sence. The only reson why I know this is because I had or have ADD? Im not proud of it, Im a shamed of it, its embarrassing to have, you feel alone you don't have friends, day in and day out its with you constantly remind you that you have ADD. ?Also a contributing factor I think is being shy it all ties in to ADD and depression. ?I was affraid of asking questons, I was afraid someone would tease me again and again. And then you hit high school and High school is a big deal ya know. It just gets worse from there.. hopefully some one understands this post and ware im going with it.. :blank:

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All of those things are true, LostChild. For both children and teens, ADHD is statistically associated with a higher risk for depression and other problems or issues. Part of that comes from the reactions of other people reperatedly sending the message that the child is "bad" or that there is 'something wrong with the child", and part comes from having greater difficulty than other students academically, which can give the child the message that s/he is "stupid" or a "slow learner".
All through my high school years , I never had anyone to talk to about everything. the funny thing is, is that there was a psychologist there and teachers there that new I was having a difficult time but never did anything to help? of course what would a teacher do. Maaybe its asking allot from a school but I think to have a school counselor there for these kids, some one they can go to and trust. i think that it might help these kids grow and become more of a person then to just live there life one day at time, and never knowing whats going to come at them next. They need comfedence so that they can make good decions and know that they can do anything they want to do..
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