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Don’t Say These Three Things To A Stressed Out Person by Skinny And Single
February 14, 2018

I get stressed out, it takes a lot but it happens. Here are three things a stressed out person doesn’t need to hear.

1. Well just don’t stress about it.
K, you don’t know how stress works and make sure to engrave that on my tombstone. Stress isn’t a choice.

2. Well, why do you care so much?
I like suffering? I don’t know, I just do, I care about stuff…. sorry.

3. It’s not even that big a deal.
To you, maybe.

Stress isn’t a choice and is linked to the top six causes of death…. and probably most car accidents, domestic disputes, pot smoking, tickle fights, bar brawls, improper use of a barbecue indoors, mesothelioma, and scurvy.

Want to help someone who is stressed out? Walk the **** away.

P.S. No, don’t tickle them. What is wrong with you?
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