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why is there so many success stories when it scomes to eating disorders why do we here so many people talk about how they made it threw when i am still were i am and i lost hope i don't believe it is even possible i think it is all lies how can people beet something that is so strong and when we are so powerless to confront it .. i feel that my social worker is making me an example in this that she is not calling me is not sending me the support i need because she wants everyone to see that it kills that anorexia and bulimia kill people and then she will be able to say that her first kid that was anorexic and bulimic died and oh how she will be pitiful no one cares to help me out anymore i am a lost cause i am so scared i am cracking and i don't know what to do anymore
yours trully .. me

David Baxter PhD

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You spent most of your almost 18 years developing this illness as a coping strategy. I may take more than a few weeks to truly overcome it.

It is highly unlikely that your social worker has abandoned you, but it may well be the case that you are going to have to nag her a bit - let her know that you are really struggling.


there will always be people who will be 'ahead' of you just as there will be people who will be 'behind' you and those who will be where you are... what's important though is that you focus on yourself and do whatever you have to do to get better, one step at a time... one step forward, two back, another three forwards... it takes time. I don't think we're powerless to confront 'it' or fight it, I think it's more about feeling helpess constantly having to fight back and forth, figuring out which way to go and making it through the rough patches... I highly doubt your social worked has 'given up' on you; she might just be busy, she might wait for a report/update from someone else 1st, she might think you'll call her if you need to... point is, why don't you call her?? usually when we think someone has given up on us or is trying to hurt us by 'forgetting' about us, there tends to be a logical explanation if you only make the effort to find out, but that's difficult if you tend to have that 'negative mind' telling you otherwise- I know what that feels like. life doesn't serve knights on horses & shining armour to come rescue us- I wish! people won't come and 'rescue' you if one, they don't even know you're struggling, and two, even if they know- you have to make that 1st step and want their help and commit to doing whatever it takes to get better.


You hear about many success stories, because they are true and people do get better. There are also those who don't. It's never easy. I'm "better", but I still struggle daily to some degree. We have said before in previous posts that you were not meant to die from this. I like to think that the purpose in life is to find happiness. Obstacles happen along the way such as bad experiences. Some people never get past these obstacles, but it doesn't mean that they weren't meant to. You've already reached out for help and that is a huge thing. You know that you want to get past this. I think that's half the battle.
David is right in that you might have to let your social worker know how much you are struggling. I don't think it's logical to assume that she is abandoning you in the way that you described. However, I realize that you were writing from emotion and we all say illogical things sometimes when we're feeling extremely emotional. I know I do!
Anyway, I think you know that people do care. Many people on this forum do, including myself. I know that the disorder makes you feel lonely, but there are people here to listen and even understand you. We don't get disappointed in you when you're really struggling - we just really want you to get better. And, David is right that you can't expect yourself to beat this over night.
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