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well lately i have been really down nothing seems to work to make me feel happy i just feel so numb i always think about how my life is pointless and how i have no good reason to continue on i feel so left a side from everything no one seems to understand anything that goes on in my head i am just completely messed up i don't know what to do anymore
yours truly ashley

Daniel E.
That is a good description of how I feel when I am feeling more depressed than usual. Thoughts of suicide are far more frequent and life seems like it will never be worthwhile. However, I always feel better in a few days or weeks. In the meantime, I just try to "buy time" and stay distracted in positive ways like watching DVDs, riding my bike, working on projects, being with my family, etc. Of course, other strategies include trying to challenge negative thinking, etc., but when I feel so pessimistic I really am better off just trying not to think about the future and focusing more on today and what activities I can do today.
i have chronic depression so i can relate to you. Listen if you need to talk send me a message for my MSN account information.


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