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i have a weird question about somewhat a 'made up' diet.

my friend, who is considered 'fit'(not too fat, but not skinny), told me she wants to put herself into a majority-water-based-diet.

she said your organs move when digesting water, so if you drink more water, the organs will move longer, to digest the water, thus, helping weight management.

the proposed idea is to eat normally, with just slight decrease, maybe less rice for dinner with less 'side food' but still the basic 3-meal cycle.

however, she claims that she purposely drinks a lot of water, to 'cover up' what she ate, so the 'organs can move more' to aid in digestion and help lose weight.

just wondering, is this truly effective/good for her?
drinks lots of water and weight management?

Hmmm, I don't really see the problem with it as long as she is eating an adequate amount of calories. Of course, one should always run a weight management program by his or her doctor. So, that's my advice, have her check it out with her doctor.


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drinks lots of water and weight management?

Water isn't actually "digested". However, drinking lots of water will (1) make you feel more "full", so you may eat less at a meal; (2) help prevent constipation, so you may feel less sluggish and may weigh a bit less on the scales; (3) flush toxins out of your system more quickly, which may improve general health; and (4) may make you feel less tired during the day.
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