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Today in conjunction and agreement with my therapist,I have decided to end therapy. I feel that I have progressed quite well over the past couple of months,and I have learned much. I am proud of the progress I have made.

My views on so many levels have changed and I realize it?s on an ongoing process.I have changed my attitude about myself,and about other?s and have worked to change negative thinking and acting.

I will always have anxiety disorder,it is something I will have to live with,but NOT dwell on.I have found freedom in that I don?t feel the need or desire to read/talk or even think about anxiety on daily basis.It does no good for me to constantly have anxiety as a companion and I choose not too.
I have learned that I will always be a worrier,but how I choose to handle those everyday worries can and will change the way I handle stress and anxiety.

I have learned new tools and skills to see me through,should stress or anxiety again become an issue.I feel more at peace and lighter inside.

I am not scared anymore.If it possible in such a short time,then I know I have grown up and realize that I CAN rely on myself.

I feel whole again
i am really happy for you that you feel so positive and especially lighter now. this is a milestone for you and something to definitely celebrate :yahoo: congratulations on your accomplishment!
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