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lately everything seems a blur.. nothing seems fun nothing seems interesting besides of course my obsessions that many already know about i am finding nothing interesting in my life nothing is making me feel that i belong besides my obsessions i feel thaat my mood has reached its end and the only thing that can stimulate it now is my obsessions.. i don't know what is going on.

ashley-kate :cry:


i don't know what is going on
I think this is where you're realizing that there is hope, and that you're moving towards the right direction but it all still seems very scarry, and familiar old ways are still more comforting, even if they're self-destructive. I dont' know if this makes sense, but maybe you're almost experiencing a loss by letting go of some familiar habits or at least trying to, b/c they've been w/ you since so long, and all this new territory just seems very overwhelming and blah- b/c you don't know what to w/ it. You do belong, but not where you think you belong to. I know this is all easier said than done, but is there anything you can think of that you like to do? or used to like to do? maybe just getting your mind off this, taking a break, can help? It won't 'fix' things, but it's better than feeling like there is no point in anything, right? did you tell your psychiatrist/ doctor about your depressed mood as well? or do they already know? I so wish you would feel a little bit better, you really deserve to get a break.


I think Eunoia's right in that this could be a breaking point for you. I know you're feeling down, but you're finally realizing that there must be so much more to life than your obsessions. You know that there is a different way to live and to feel, you're just not exactly sure how to get there yet. But, just realizing this should give you the power to find that different way. When you do, it should make sense. I know it's still a long road and your whole way of seeing things won't change over night. However, this should be a wonderful and interesting process for you as you discover new joys and interests and get to know yourself better. Sometimes it just seems hopeless and overwhelming, but you have an idea that your obsessions might engage you in something, but they're not going to make you happy. Just having that idea can be a step in the right direction. I would say tell your therapist about how you're feeling.
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