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Just thought I would let you guys know that I finished my first step in a Twelve Step program (Narcotics Anonymous) and am now starting on my second step :D ... just wanted to let you all know b/c you are all a very important part of my support team :) ...thanks... I'll of course keep you updated ;)


Re: finished my first step

:D Congratulations Kels! That is wonderful! Way to go! :yahoo: I will look forward to hearing the updates! Keep up the good work! :D



You are to be commended for your courage to take this first important step. Stick with it, one day at a time.

We're here for you!


Congratulations Kels, I am so happy for you. Well done and remember one day at a time. I have not been on for a long time, for many reasons, but felt I just had to reply. I know the good work NA does and only wish my son would go.
Take care Kels, K9 :)
Hi Kels,

Its already been said, but "Well done, Congradulations" lol, it really is great to hear that your doing so well.
Keep it up, and Keep us posted.



Hi Kels,
Great work, I can only imagination the hard work you have been doing, take care.
They say the first step is usually the most difficult. All the best, Kels.
hey nsa,
thanks for your post...I'm really busy getting ready to leave for college on august 22nd....I'm also working a lot and trying to have some fun as well...oh yeah and I finished my 2nd step last night...thanks again for asking about me...hope everything is well for you


I finished my 2nd step last night
that's fantastic news Kels!!!! wow.. you are doing so well it's great!! :) i'm so happy for you, well done. you are doing alot aaren't
working, getting ready for college and doing your 12 step programme as well.. and lets not forget having fun as well.. Way to gooo!! kels.

brilliant news al round.. congrats all



Hi Kels,
It is great to read the news, congratulations on finishing the second step. :)
I am so pleased that your sharing this news Kels. I wanted to thank you for showing me personally your strength and courage.
take care :)
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